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Relieve Foot & Ankle Pain with Custom Foot Orthotics!

Foot and ankle pain can change how you walk and the enjoyment of your everyday activities. Pain from your heel, low arch, flat feet or diagnosed issues such as Plantar Fascitis can be devastating. Walking, running or any activity you enjoy can become painful from common foot and ankle pain. Let us help decrease pain and protect your body with a custom foot orthotics. The Foot Mechanic will guide you through several common lower extremity conditions that may be causing your pain. We hope that this invaluable diagnosis will empower you with an understanding of your particular problem, and (more importantly) with the knowledge that there is a solution! We encourage you to visit us for a complete biomechanical evaluation and personalized diagnosis for a custom foot orthotic. Call the Foot Mechanic today, we are here to help you get back to enjoying life without pain. To learn more about foot and ankle pain go to the Foot Mechanic's:



Aaron H.

I have used the Foot Mechanic products for the past two years for skiing and hiking, and have seen great improvements. I have flat feet, and these products give great arch support and allow me to charge hard without my feet getting tired or sore. They have held up great as well. Good product and great results.