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Custom Foot Orthotics For Back Pain


Lower Back Pain, Si Sysfunction or Scaticia can apply to any number of problems throughtout your lower back.  Pain can start from one particular injury or build from repeated movement over time. No matter how or when your back pain originated, reducing back pain is an immediate need to improve your quality of life. A custom foot orthotic can start the process of rebalancing your movements to reduce pain. We will guide you through several common lower back conditions that may be causing your pain and design a custom foot orthotic based on your movement and bodily alignment.


I have used orthodics from the Foot Mechanic for over 5 years and recently purchased my second pair. I have been extremely happy with this product. I have a pretty significant leg length discrepancy and the orthodics have allowed me to run and work long hours on my feet as a nurse without the hip and back pain I was previously experiencing. I would not be able to run without them! I was also impressed with the professionalism of the staff, who provided an in depth evaluation of my legs and feet as I ran and walked. I highly recommend the Foot Mechanic for anyone in need of orthodics for leg, hip or back pain! Many thanks to Dr. Purdom and Chan!!!