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Custom Foot Orthotics for Exercise & Training

 Protect Your Number One Investment..You

Training for your next event this year? Are you a runner, hiker, tri-athlete? Enjoy running around the park or basketball with your buddies? Adding a pair of custom foot orthotics to your “gear” can be the best investment for your body. Training takes consistency, and a Foot Mechanic Custom Foot Orthotic protects your body from overuse injuries and muscle fatigue. The Foot Mechanic works with professional athletes; college sports teams and anyone who enjoys their active lifestyle.

Types Of Custom Foot Mechanic Orthotics For Sports


"After using multiple different orthotic systems over the years, The Foot Mechanic™ is now our exclusive orthotic provider. Their system of evaluation and superior products uniquely caters to each and every one of our professional athletes."
                                                                        -Jim Gillen, head athletic trainer for the Denver Nuggets