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Client Testimonials




"After using multiple different orthotic systems over the years, The Foot Mechanic™ is now our exclusive orthotic provider. Their system of evaluation and superior products uniquely caters to each and every one of our professional athletes."
                                                                        -Jim Gillen, head athletic trainer for the Denver Nuggets


The Foot Mechanic’s™ three-phased evaluation process is unparalleled in the industry of orthotics. Their orthotics have given my athletes a solid custom foundation which is paramount to injury prevention and pain free return to competition.”  

                              -Miguel A. Rueda, head athletic trainer for the University of Colorado Buffaloes


“The Foot Mechanic’s™ orthotics have accelerated our athletes return to their sport after injury.  Their ‘biomechanically correct’ custom orthotics have elevated our game in terms of injury prevention and the rehabilitation process.”

"I would definitely recommend The Foot Mechanic™ for all your lower extremity needs!"  

                             -Julie Campbell, director of sports medicine for the University of Denver Pioneers


The Foot Mechanic’s™ orthotics are custom fit to address each of my athlete’s specific problems whether it is at the foot, ankle, knee, hip, or low back.  I would highly recommend The Foot Mechanic™ for any lower extremity needs.


                  -Aaron Leu, head athletic trainer for the University of Denver Pioneer Hockey Program



I have used the Foot Mechanic products for the past two years for skiing and hiking, and have seen great improvements. I have flat feet, and these products give great arch support and allow me to charge hard without my feet getting tired or sore. They have held up great as well. Good product and great results.


The exercise program that I have followed for many years is very important to me, and has become even more important as I age. Several years ago, I developed pain in both my knees due to arthritis. As it got worse, I was not able to run at all. My doctor told me there was not much I could do beyond considering knee replacement. The team at the Foot Mechanic was able to create for me a set of custom athletic orthotics that completely mitigated my knee pain, and enabled me to resume my exercise with no problem. Dr. Purdom and his team did a very thorough analysis and took the time to explain to me the mechanics of walking and running. Thanks to the Foot Mechanic experts, I came away with high quality orthotics that have lasted for eight years, as well as a new understanding of how to keep my knees as protected and healthy as possible. That has made all the difference to me.


I had "runner's knee" and was experiencing a lot of pain until I got orthotics from The Foot Mechanic. I have no knee problems now and I can run without pain!


Began working with Brett in 2002 after suffering for several months of IT band issues. I had tried nurmerous treatments for this injury and was frustrated and down to the wire for an upcoming race. The evaluation, followup and advice (as wel as the orthotics) were all top-notch. My IT band issues were resolved and I updated my orthodics again in 2008 through Brett. I recently saw him again for another injury and once again the evaluation, service, followup and advice were all top-notch! I highly recommend Dr. Purdom for your physical therapy and orthotics needs!


In 2009 I developed functional problems in my feet that kept me from training and competing in triathlons. I began searching for a way to fix my problems and came to know Dr. Purdom. After a complete evaluation Dr. Purdom found my problem and prescribed custom orthotics. Once I got my orthotics and broke them in my functional problems were fixed and I was able to continue to train and compete in triathlons. I have since returned to The Foot Mechanic. I was evaluated by Chan Mayber who got me into another pair of custom orthotics that have helped keep me running injury free as I have moved up to Iron Man distance triathlons. Thanks to Dr. Purdom and Chan for a job well done!


I have used orthodics from the Foot Mechanic for over 5 years and recently purchased my second pair. I have been extremely happy with this product. I have a pretty significant leg length discrepancy and the orthodics have allowed me to run and work long hours on my feet as a nurse without the hip and back pain I was previously experiencing. I would not be able to run without them! I was also impressed with the professionalism of the staff, who provided an in depth evaluation of my legs and feet as I ran and walked. I highly recommend the Foot Mechanic for anyone in need of orthodics for leg, hip or back pain! Many thanks to Dr. Purdom and Chan!!!


I was abnormally wearing down the heels of my shoes on the outside while walking and golfing. I think the custom fit orthotics from The Foot Mechanic have improved my issue 100%. I would absolutely refer The Foot Mechanic to family or friends. I was referred by a patient of The Foot Mechanic and I would do the same.


The Foot Mechanic has helped me tremendously since 2002. At that time I struggled with an IT band injury. After a thorough evaluation by Dr. Purdom and fitting for custom orthotics, I was able to successfully complete several more Ironman distance triathlons. The staff at The Foot Mechanic are knowledgeable, professional and ready to help resolve injuries.


I purchased my orthotics at the Denver Ski Expo. They dramatically improved my skiing by squaring my stance. Much better edge control!


It is hard to get health care providers to listen. They hear. They don’t listen. The best thing I can say is he listened to me. He was present- and acknowledged that I, the patient, did know something about my running mechanics problems. I suffered from IT band, knee, shin, and SI joint pain. The session was extremely valuable to me. I took away a lot of very useful information. It was most interesting to learn about how my gait, foot strike, balance works in concert to affect my running stance and what specifically I can do to have a more fluid and balanced alignment so as to avoid undue stress on a particular joint or body part. It was obvious to me that he was extremely knowledgable in his field. I would love to have the Foot Mechanic as my personal trainer and coach!


I suffered a neuroma on my left foot, as well as a traumatic knee injury resulting in arthroscopic knee surgery after an accident in 2009. As a Professional Ultra Distance runner I was devastated until meeting with the team at the Foot Mechanic. Chan & Dr. Purdom were able to map my feet and unload my foot and knee joints so that I would apply less pressure where I had loss cartilage. In 2010 after training on my new orthodics I won the 2010 250km Jungle Marathon and have not looked back. Both Chan and Dr. Purdom continue to work with me to address any issues and I owe them my greatest appreciation. I highly recommend the Foot Mechanic Team and fully stand behind their products and services.