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Decrease Knee Pain With Custom Foot Orthotics

Knee pain can put a hold on your recreational activities and make the daily ones slow and aggravating. You may have already received a diagnosis of your knee aliment such as Chondromalacia Patella or Patella tendonitis, or just know that knee pain is hindering you from your active lifestyle. The Foot Mechanic will guide you through several common lower extremity conditions that may be causing your knee pain and design a custom foot orthotic based on your movement and bodily alignment that can significantly decrease knee pain and improve movement. We hope that The Foot Mechanic’s diagnosis will empower you with an understanding of your particular problem, and (more importantly) with the knowledge that there is a solution! We encourage you to visit us for a complete biomechanical evaluation and personalized diagnosis for a custom foot orthotic.

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I suffered a neuroma on my left foot, as well as a traumatic knee injury resulting in arthroscopic knee surgery after an accident in 2009. As a Professional Ultra Distance runner I was devastated until meeting with the team at the Foot Mechanic. Chan & Dr. Purdom were able to map my feet and unload my foot and knee joints so that I would apply less pressure where I had loss cartilage. In 2010 after training on my new orthodics I won the 2010 250km Jungle Marathon and have not looked back. Both Chan and Dr. Purdom continue to work with me to address any issues and I owe them my greatest appreciation. I highly recommend the Foot Mechanic Team and fully stand behind their products and services.