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Custom Foot Orthotics For Hip Pain

Custom Foot Orthotics can decrease hip pain..YES!. Your hip may snap when it is extended or flexed (snapping hip).  You may have a diagnosis of Degenerative joint disease (D.J.D.) also known as osteoarthritis. Several aliments may be adding to your hip pain that has lasted months or even years. The Foot Mechainc of Denver, Colorado is a specialty clinic that creates custom foot orthotics that focuses on overuse injuries and pain throughout the lower extremities including hip pain injuries. We analyze a client’s motion to find the root cause of an overuse hip injury so that it may be fixed. Our assessment sequence is an actual biomechanical analysis process, which takes a full hour to complete before we even start to create a custom foot orthotic for you to improve hip pain. Call us today for a complete analysis to improve your hip pain!

Cindy P.

It is hard to get health care providers to listen. They hear. They don’t listen. The best thing I can say is he listened to me. He was present- and acknowledged that I, the patient, did know something about my running mechanics problems. I suffered from IT band, knee, shin, and SI joint pain. The session was extremely valuable to me. I took away a lot of very useful information. It was most interesting to learn about how my gait, foot strike, balance works in concert to affect my running stance and what specifically I can do to have a more fluid and balanced alignment so as to avoid undue stress on a particular joint or body part. It was obvious to me that he was extremely knowledgable in his field. I would love to have the Foot Mechanic as my personal trainer and coach!